Panel Meters


Why do users prefer Red Lion meters?
Red Lion has more high quality solutions for your digital and analog
panel meter requirements than any other supplier, with a wider range of
models, sizes and capabilities—from our indicators to the versatile CUB5
and PAX process meters that let you add or change capabilities with plug and-
play, field-installable cards. Red Lion’s free Crimson® software offers
flexibility, powerful capabilities and intuitive ease. Combine the widest
selection with our unmatched quality, speed of delivery and world-class
technical support, and you’ll understand why, when the world
thinks of panel meters, it thinks of Red Lion.
> Widest range of products in the industry
> Field-installable option cards
> Easy-to-use Crimson software
> Superior quality
> Best delivery
> Unmatched technical support
> Leading Brand*


PAX2A - Universal Process Inputs, DC Current, DC Voltage, Process Signals, Resistance, Thermocouples or RTDs

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PAX2D - Count, Dual Counter with Math Functions ,Rate, Dual Rate with Math Functions

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PAX2S - Load cells, Strain Gage, and Pressure Sensors

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PAX2C -  Universal Process, Temperature, Voltage, Current And Resistance Input with PID Control With Reduced Overshoot

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